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Christina Cipriano, Ph.D.


Dr. Cipriano is an Applied Developmental and Educational Psychologist, and her research focuses on social and emotional learning intervention and assessment in the service of marginalized student and teacher populations through systematic examination of the interactions within their homes, schools, and communities to promote pathways to equitable and optimal developmental outcomes. 

Chris is a national expert in SEL and has extensive experience working in classrooms with marginalized populations, providing training to teachers and support staff, and direct instruction to students. Dr. Cipriano is the Principal Investigator of several funded research to practice projects and regularly disseminate her science in both academic journals and professional development workshops for pre-service and in-service educators and school personnel. Dr. Cipriano has been awarded more than 9 million dollars in federal and foundation grant funding for her SEL research. She has published 80+ papers, commentaries, and reports, spanning top tier peer-reviewed journals, and media outlets such as The Washington Post, Education Week, PBS, The Greater Good Science Center, and EdSurge. Dr. Cipriano’s leadership in the field has been recognized by the US Department of Education, earning her an appointment on the Social and Behavioral Panel of the Institute of Education Sciences in addition to other federal work groups that are informing the future of SEL research, practice, and policy. Dr. Cipriano is a 2022 recipient of the Joseph A. Zins Award for Outstanding Contributions to SEL Action Research. 

Dr. Cipriano is the Director of the Education Collaboratory at Yale.


A Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, Dr. Cipriano received her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology and a Certificate in Human Rights and International Justice from the Boston College Lynch School of Education, her Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and B.A. from Hofstra University Honors College. Dr. Cipriano currently serves on the Professional Advisory Board of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Teachstone and the Possible Zone.
Chris is the mother of four beautiful children who inspire her each day to take the moon and make it shine for everyone.
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